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Guild tabard with personal coat of Arms - commission work

Finished guild tabard for Moritz, first i sewed the tabard in his required pattern, then i have painted his coatofarms qith textile colours on another piece . After painting fixed the colour with heat and sewed it on the tabard. Looks quite nice for my first trial with these colours. 

My self-sewn tabard with the customers coat of arms painted with textile colours (waterproof, washable) on another piece.

Medieval silk scarf

A scarf design with medieval theme, painted by Blade and Swords and printed on 100% silk fabric. 
The scarf is 90 x 90 cm and could also be printed as a pocket square in smaller dimensions. 

If you are interested in an indivudal desight for scarves, ties, pocket squares etc. please just get in contact with me.

Me wearing the medieval scarf.

The painted design ready to be printed on fabric.

Printing and design quality is just awesome.

Also the silk fabric is soft and excellent. 

The scarf design as wand hanging for a friend

Medieval Rabbit pocket square

As a fan of unique and individual styles, I had the idea to create a pocket square with funny medieval rabbits.
I painted the design and found a good print service, offering quality prints on 100% silk fabric.
A pocket square can make or break an outfit and is a fashionable, classy accessory for men and women.
There are different ways to wear it, depending on your outfit (colours, style, accessoires,...) and if you want to enhance a casual or formal appearance. But for whatever purpose, in my opinion this classy accessoire is never inappropriate when wearing a blazer, coat, or suit. 

A friend with my medieval Rabbit pocket square.

Design for pocket square with cute medieval rabbits and Sword and Buckler.

Printed pocket square on silk fabric.

HEMA Shirt Designs

These are only some of my shirt designs, I have all of them on my Spreadshirt shop and some on Amazon. 
If one you like is not available on Amazon in your country (EU only), I can put it on Amazon for you.