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Digital Art

Digital Art for shirt design and merch, Book Illustrations, Club logos and other projects

Book Illustration

Illustration of Book projects, designs and more
I did a lot of illustration work for our book project "Ultima Custodia" for the lastfour years. 
Some paintings I did just to please the eye, others for educational purpose. 

For the techniques i painted from the ego-perspective because it is easier to understand.
Also i used a painting-sketch mixture style to focus on what is really important to see.

I made a .gif file out of the techniques paintings just for fun

Interpretation of Walpurgis from the Towerfechtbuch Ms I.33

This is one painting I made for our Book Project "Ultima Custodia" , showing my personal interpretation of the character "Walpurgis" from the Fencing Manual Towerfechtbuch. 

Tattoo design

This is one version of a tatoo design that should include
 a Lion and a Federsword

Wallpaper for the project CdC-Cuadratura del Círculo
- Das La Verdadera Destreza from
Malte Melms & Chris Lee-Becker

Tattoo design with Federschwert

Tattoo design with Lion and Federschwert (Watercolour syle)