I paint coat of arms to my customers wishes.
I can either design your coat of arms from scratch or repaint and alter an existing one. 
You can decide if you want your coat of arms according to heraldic rules or you prefer something more alternative. Anything is possible.

Digital painted coat of Arms

Digital painted coat of Arms are perfect, if you like to print your coat of arms on different items with different sizes. Anything is possible, from printing it on a banner, big poster, flags to a background image in a brooch. 
I paint them in a quality that it is beautilul and has straight lines even at on a big scale.
 I do not paint in vector files though, so printing it on a house wall is still beautiful but might not be perfect (or you tell me before that you like to print it on a house wall) ;-)

Coat of Arms for Andi 

Customized coat of Arms for Michi L.

Commission Coat of Arms for Michi B. 

Commission Coat of Arms 

Club Coat of Arms for Fratrum Gladios

Tempera and other colour painted coat of arms

If you like a coat of arms painted with historical techniques, I can paint it with tempera colours for you on different grounds. Tempera colours are very high in colour brightness and durability. Painting with Tempera is he oldest known technique of art. 
Of course I can also paint with modern colours.

Commissioned family Coat of Arms for Nils Lehmann (Acryl and Tempera)

This coat of arms has been designed for Nils Lehmann and his wife to be a family coat of Arms according to heraldry rules. He already had an existing coat of arms but did not liked it that much, so I repainted and redesigned it accoring to his wishes and imagination. The one for his wife was made from scratch. I used acrylic and tempera with pigments on this one. It is painted on a wooden canvas.

Tempera painted Coat of Arms

Tempera painted coat of Arms are painted with tempera colours only, so with no modern tools. 

Coat of Arms for Family Lammer

Family coat of Arms for Stefan